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Washington, DC
For immediate release:
Romanian Diaspora organizations launch the “Federation of Romanian-American Organizations”


Leaders of several Romanian American diaspora organizations across the United States announce the successful registration in Washington DC and the launch of the Federation of Romanian-American Organizations (FORA).


The founding members of FORA are the following American and Romanian American organizations: American Romanian Cultural Society in Washington State, RomAmPro and Alex Fund in New York & New Jersey, Alianta, Romanians of DC and Immigration Research Forum in Washington, DC, Romanul Corp. and the Honorary Consulate of Romania in Connecticut, Romanian United Fund in Chicago, and Heritage Organization of Romanian Americans in Minnesota.


Registering the entity in the nation’s capital, these organizations elected an interim board tasked to oversee its legal recognition process and implement the first election of the executive board by all joining entities. These elections are to be held in May 2022, when all contributing member entities will cast a democratic vote in the leadership of FORA.


FORA is inviting all like-minded nonprofits to join in. This grassroots drive to nurture an authentically representative national voice is designed to engage in civic advocacy, promote cultural values, coordinate resources, and provide mutual financial support. FORA is to become the leading umbrella organization that unites the Romanian-American communities and all organizations working for the welfare of Romanians in a single collaborative forum. Its mission is to build a stronger Romanian-American community and shape its legacy for the well-being of future generations.


The founding members intend to grow it into a representative entity that legitimately relays the interests of its member organizations and, through them, those of the diaspora community at large in its interaction with the American public and institutional stakeholders in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. FORA is an independent not-for-profit entity with no political, business, or religious affiliations. Its core values rest in promoting unity, integrity, excellence, leadership, resilience, respect, and compassion within the organizational ecosystem of the national diaspora.


For more information, please visit FORA’s website, consult its presentation deck or send an email to

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