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FORA  is an umbrella organization that unites the Romanian-American communities in a single collaborative forum for mutual support. It represents the interests of its member  organizations and of the Romanian-American community at large in its interaction with the American public, as well as with officials from Romania and the Republic of Moldova. FORA is a not for profit independent entity, with no political, business, or religious affiliations.

Mission and Vision


Diaspora Spokesperson (or Advocate)

Speak with one voice in support of democracy, territorial integrity, and the rule of law in Romania and mobilize public support. (disaster, war). Inform FORA members and friends of Romania about specific developments (legislative, governmental, political, economic, etc) of importance for our community.

Offers credibility, recognition, and prominence of the member Romanian-American organizations in front of the American and the Romanian public, government, businesses, and other ethnic organizations and the friends of Romania


Diaspora Representation and Coordination

Represent and coordinate major Romanian American efforts aimed at affecting legislation of importance to Romanian and to the Romanian American community,( e.g., inclusion of Romania in the Visa Waiver Program (ESTA)), support activities on a national level for the Romanian American community.

Assist its member organizations, promote and collaborate on projects of common interest.


Immigration System

Highlight the contributions of Romanians and Romanian-Americans to the American society and protect the rights and opportunities of Romanians and Romanian-Americans to continue to contribute by promoting a fair visa and immigration system, including visa waiver program (ESTA) privileges for Romanian visitors and wider availability of work visas to match the US demand for such labor.


Romanian Values

Promote Romanian language, culture, art, education, sports, and other Romanian authentic values to the general American public (as opposed to only passing them down to the new generation of Romanian-Americans)

Promote and support the perpetuation of the inherited Romanian language, culture, traditions, as the unique heritage to be handed down in a conscientious way to the future generations

Enhance the image and reputation of the Romanian communities in the USA


Financial Support

Leverage collective strength to promote solid commercial ties and trade relations between the US and Romania (ex: if there will ever be tariffs on Ro products again and we need to write a letter against it)

Access local, federal and private funding sources for large-scale projects to the benefit of all the member organizations

Offer philanthropic support to organizations in Romania and in the USA by organizing fundraising campaigns, directed donations etc.


Honor Community Members

Honor distinguished members of the American society who have made substantial contributions to Romania or Romanian communities in the US

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